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Hubsan H502S X4 DESIRE (doubts and problems)

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Hello everyone,
My name is Luiz and I am from Brazil. I am new to the Drone world, and recently got a Drone Hubsan H502s (from a friend) and I have some questions. Can you help me?

1)About the quality of the images (appendix), I know it's a basic drone by the price range, but even asism, as I checked with other people who have the same drone, compared to the images, this one of mine is worse, both in video How much photo. I think it should be a little better. (I also have a Visuo XS809 HW HD G Drone that is inferior to Hubsan, but in practice the camera quality is better);

2)About the FVP, I know that over long distances it is normal to lose sight of the camera, however in my case this is happening early on, for example in less than 20 meters. I use the frequency 5.840 and already tested others that get worse in this case. Since I have arranged to purchase an external control antenna, will this be enough to improve this issue or could this be another different issue?

3)In the manual I read something related to "connecting" the control to Drone. I know this procedure is already factory ready, but if I remade this connection (according to the procedure mentioned in the manual) would this somehow improve the connection and visualization of fvp?

4) Sobre o firmware, como verifico se tenho as versões mais recentes no Control e no Drone? (A versão atual que aparece no contorno é "V4.2.13, LCD V1.3.3")

5) Sobre a bateria, pode ou não ser carregada na tomada através de uma tomada de telefone celular de 5v (usando o cabo Hubsan original)? Nesse caso, além da tensão de saída ideal e qual seria a corrente de saída ideal (amperagem) para o carregamento adequado da bateria?

6) Notei também que a antena interna do Drone está posicionada em uma das pernas da carcaça, mas é completamente interna, sendo possível ver apenas desmontando o drone. Meu outro drone Visuo, por exemplo, o fio da antena está posicionado para fora e aparecendo do lado de fora. Se eu fizer isso no Hubsan (deixe o fio da antena de amostra), de alguma forma, melhorará a conexão fvp ou não terá efeito?









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